Rugiada Watering Device by DDPStudio Is A Handy Tool for A Gardener

Serious gardeners would jump in joy when they have Rugiada watering device on their hands. It’s practically a smart tool that helps you grow your plants efficiently and environmentally friendly by avoiding water waste. No wonder this tool has won Expo 2015 prize in the category of “The hand’s thought” sponsored by Bosch and patronized by Expo Milano and ADI. Rugiada watering device reflects on the collaboration between hand, mind and technology, the result is an innovative tool that represents the spirit of “Feed the planet-energy for life”. It’s specifically designed for small and medium vegetable’s gardens, the ergonomic design reminds you of the divining rod and offers ease hand’s gestural action, from selecting the ring to inserting the device into the ground.

Designer : DDPStudio

Rugiada Watering Device by DDPStudio

In order to use Rugiada watering device, you need to insert this tool into the ground, just like any other traditional agricultural tools. Its sensors automatically register soil and air’s humidity and schedule the best timetable and the type of irrigation you should use (atomization, revolving, sprinkle, dropping). Rugiada has been designed with 5 essential elements: a humidity (inside the metal head), a photocell for radiation’s detection, a plug-in for water pipes, a ring for manual selection, and an irrigation’s nozzle. In the future, gardening could be one of our alternative food productions, with water as one of its important resources, DDPStudio tried to make us rethink its use.

Rugiada Watering Device by DDPStudio

Rugiada Watering Device by DDPStudio

Rugiada Watering Device by DDPStudio
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One thought on “Rugiada Watering Device by DDPStudio Is A Handy Tool for A Gardener

  1. This will help so much in reducing water wast and it also will help giving the plants the water it needs when it wants which will reduce the reasons of having drying plants in the garden, I tried to find videos for it on Youtube but I didn’t find any unfortunately. Do you have any videos about it you can share it this us?

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