Rubicona Multi-Function Rotateable Kitchen

Rubicona is a multi-function kitchen designed by Amar Cudic from Bosnia. This product is the combination of several components that are independent from each other and can be used as per user’s requirements. There are 6 different elements in each level where you can keep fresh fruits or vegetables. Each storage element is opened from front side in the shape of a cut and contains a function of air movement which allows food to stay fresh. You can rotate each level to 360 degrees and this will enable user to take food without moving. The color and overall design of this product is quite impressive and also make cooking more interesting and exciting for everyone.

rubicona multi function kitchen

rubicona multi function kitchen

Amar description :
Rubicona is designed as a multi-function kitchen which is combined from different components that are independent from each other and that can be used depending on the user’s request. Starting point for the kitchen was Rubicon square, which has evaluated and taken its current shape. Characteristics of Rubicona is that it is combined from different components (flat cook, sink for vegetables and fruits etc.) and each is combined from two levels of storages with 6 elements in each level, which enables to keep different kinds of fresh food (fruits and vegetables), so they are not mixed, and each keeps its own aroma and freshness. Each storage element has an opening from front side in the shape of a cut which works as a hook to open and also has a function of air circulation which enables food to stay fresh. Each level can be rotated for 360 degrees and that enables taking food without moving, no matter from which level! With the aid of rotating elements, cooking with more than one person at the same time is possible, whereby cooking becomes more interesting and more exciting.

rubicona multi function kitchen

Designer : Amar Cudic

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2 thoughts on “Rubicona Multi-Function Rotateable Kitchen

  1. I can see this device very useful in large cafeterias, communal homes and set up for emergency services outposts after a disaster. The compartments are too big for most families based on a U.S. model and would not be efficient in large city homes. But would work well in commercial settings especially in college and university settings where the need for efficiency with a large body of people move through quickly.

  2. I work in the magazine KAZA, directed to the areas of architecture and decoration. I would like to know how to acquire high-resolution photo of the Rubicon, designed by Amar Cudic from Bosnia. I would like to publish it in the next edition of the magazine. I await your return. Thank you!

    Fernanda D'Angelo

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