“Rosta” Electric Bike is Designed to Reduce Neck and Back Pain

A long distance bicycle ride is always uncomfortable because sitting in one position for a long time results in neck and back pain. Therefore, “Rosta” has been designed for providing best body posture while riding and forming symbol in normal status. This design has come up with best body posture for young and vogue people who can half lie on it. The designer has surely taken the ride mode as the main research direction and has come up with this unique and very comfortable design for cyclists. If we look at the parts and equipments used in this bicycle, I believe it will cost much more than your normal bicycle. So, get ready to pay for your comfort.

rosta bike

rosta bike

rosta bike

rosta bike

Designer : Cheng Feng Peng

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7 thoughts on ““Rosta” Electric Bike is Designed to Reduce Neck and Back Pain

  1. Yes, exactly, how does it turn?

    As well as how does it brake 😀

    Have you ever heard about ergonomy? This mistic wisdom would let you know, that straight board under your bottom and back i just PAINFULL!

    If it is design for human use, why there is no human being in your visualisation?

    You dont like mudguards? They are usefull sometimes 😀 Try to like them!

  2. To answer your question. If you check the bottom picture you can see that the wheel is held by another piece I'm guessing its connected through the middle piece would be hard to turn Imho. I like the idea of this but looks way to blocky

  3. This design has a horrible seat in terms of ergonomics. I can know this because I' m a recumbant cyclist. When you want to bring the pedals in motion the seat actually prevents the legs from free motion. With this seat you will feel enourmous back, ass and the inside of the upper legs pains. So I strongly recommand to redesign the seat. For long distant travel it's important that the wheels are as slender and light as possible. I have to admit the design looks cool. But when it comes down to biomechanics and mechanical engineering hire some experts in these fields you're going to need them!

  4. This bike is totally unique and comfortable to use. It seems to me expensive than normal bicycle but after all it is very handy for reducing neck and back pain. Now please let me know how much it is?

  5. Rosta electric bike is an amazing concept indeed. For back and neck pain treatment I think this bike will keep natural contribution. I’m looking forward to utilize this bike for pain relief procedure. Thanks.

  6. So far rosta electric bike review very much impressed me! It’s an amazing bike designed to get rid of back pain and hopefully soon it’s proper intro will be on globally. Thanks.

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