Rosenbauer Panther by Spirit Design

‘Rosenbauer Panther’ is an excellent performance fire engine for airports. I guess the name Panther suits this truck because it can take you wherever you want to go, fast and will complete your fast as faster as possible while keeping things at the right place. It is a tough truck designed for airport rescue and firefighting. This truck is fully customizable and has maximum load capacity of 3,830 gallons (14,500 liters). Its speed is 87 mph and comes in different sizes. This is seriously going to deliver smart user-focused features. Let’s see how nicely it performs in real circumstances.

rosenbauer panther

Designer : Spirit Design

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One thought on “Rosenbauer Panther by Spirit Design

  1. Another use:

    City Fire Depts

    Harbor FDs

    Search & Rescue.

    & reminds of those mega vehicles from the hit TV show THUNDERBIRDS, UK, 1960s.

    Very Cool shape & idea.

    Need some for LAX & SFO airports alone, CA State

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