Rooftop Tent Design: Minimalist, Lightweight, and Affordable

Adventurous people with limited budget, you can explore remote areas and enjoy the jaw-dropping views from the roof of your car. Sebastian Maluska, an ÉCAL graduate, has designed a simple yet reliable rooftop tent concept that fits the roof of most cars. inspired by his love for outdoor sports such as skiing and surfing, Maluska explains that he loves being the first on the mountain or the first in the water, therefore, he has to sleep right at the spot. By fitting rooftop tent on the car, he can simply sleep wherever he wants.

Rooftop Tent Design by Sebastian Maluska

Rooftop Tent Design by Sebastian Maluska

The rooftop tent design by Sebastian Maluska is created from two light-weight aluminum frames, then covered with waterproof sailing fabric. It offers sleeping space for two people. There’s a ladder stored in a fabric pocket, just underneath the sleeping surface, it can be pulled out and hooked on either side of the structure. User can access the tent through zip-openings on both sides.

There are already rooftop tents on the market, but most of them are constructed in ornate ways, making them heavy and expensive, also due to its bulky construction, the car becomes very fuel consuming. This new tent has been designed to use as little material as possible, making it lightweight, simple, and affordable for anyone. Maluska says that he has tested the prototype on a two-night trip on mountains, from sleeping surface, aerodynamic, opening mechanism, and structure proportions, everything is satisfying.

Rooftop Tent Design by Sebastian Maluska

Rooftop Tent Design by Sebastian Maluska

Rooftop Tent Design by Sebastian Maluska

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  1. A wonderful design infact, i am much inspired by this design and intend making my own rooftop tent with some modification of this design. Help will be highly appreciated.


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