Roll.Charge.Light.Protect Wheelchair Glows Brightly During The Night

Wheelchairs would be dangerous for open ride especially when users go out during dark night. “Roll Charge Light Protect” Project demonstrates a concept wheelchair that has lights for other people to notice the wheelchair, offering a remarkable safety system. This lights get power from movements of the wheels, thus, it is a good way to save energy. There are a set of LEDs under the wheel cover that glows brightly during the night. A magnet is helping generating electricity by rotating and the generated electricity is conveyed by the Coil to the LEDs. The wheel and the magnet are bridged with a Gear, protected by a Small Cover. The LCD panel shows readings about remaining amount of electricity and how long the user will be able to use it.

roll charge light protect wheelchair

roll charge light protect wheelchair

roll charge light protect wheelchair

Designer : Mingoo Kim, Yunjin Chang, and Sueun Park

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2 thoughts on “Roll.Charge.Light.Protect Wheelchair Glows Brightly During The Night

  1. This design looks very attractive. But I have several concerms about it:

    First: It looks like it might add quite a bit of weight. Most wheelchair users are looking for the lightest wheelchairs possible.

    Second: It looks like it might be quite expensive. If so, it would only be an alternative for a very few wheelchair users. Many disabled people can not afford very expensive equipment.

    Third: Does it has an on/off switch? Many disabled people are concerned about drawing attetion to themselves and would not want to be “glowing” 24 hours every day. They would want a light that can be removed or at least shut off.

    There are alternatives such as this wheelchair light ( ), or these wheelchair reflectors ( )

    They are not as high tech, but they are not very expensive, they do not add much weight, and they are only seen when you need them to be seen.

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