Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship Concept to Study Rogue Waves

Rogue Hunter explorer ship has been especially designed to hunt and study rogue waves that threat many ships at the sea. Personally, the designer believes that one day, someone will have to go for real measurements at sea during storms to validate the theory around rogue waves or freak waves. For that purpose, we’re going to need a special custom made ship which is able to handle the task and come back safely.

Rogue Hunter explorer ship features wave-piercing hull, 100-percent engineered from structure to propulsion set in order to go through huge waves. It’s 57m long, 8m wide, and able to reach the speed up to 18 knots.

Designer : Sylvain VIAU

Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship by Sylvain Viau

Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship by Sylvain Viau

Its very sleek bow offers no weak point, while the stern is designed to protect engine inlets and outlets, as far as main equipment on deck.

Propulsion set is diesel electric, with big power pack down to the bilge to ensure good stability to the ship and keep power under electric engines only when generators are switched off (excessive roll angles, deep submersion while going under a freak wave, etc.)

Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship by Sylvain Viau

Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship by Sylvain Viau

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3 thoughts on “Rogue Hunter Explorer Ship Concept to Study Rogue Waves

  1. I have been seeing this bow design for awhile now and I don't understand the thinking. It looks cool, but the bow flares in the opposite direction of typical hulls. I would think that instead of parting the waves, this thing is going to dive like a torpedo! I would not want to be taking on a rouge wave with this.
    Also, the design seems to be missing some standard things like mooring decks and railings so I am not sure how you would walk along the deck

  2. The thinking behind the shape is different from a classic wide bow. The idea is to cancel completely the bow flare with smooth shapes, and then the bow is not banging on the waves but cutting through, with less shock, less motion and better speed. It can dive more easily than a classic bow, but in case of huge wave and submersion, it will surface also much much quicker.

  3. Need inside control cabin for entering rogue wave seas & radar to detect said waves
    & Escape Pods for the crew.
    Must be rugged & have Backup controls for Helm, & engine spaces alone.

    Id deploy craft in Pacific, Caribbean, So, No Atlantic, Indian ocean.

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