Rodin Cars FZero Hypercar Promises Intense Driving Experience to Tracks Around The World

Rodin Cars unveils FZero, it’s a hypercar developed without the limitation of road or racing regulations, this monster allows for ultimate track experience. It is officially going into production, the company says they have one goal, that is to create fastest car around track without exception.

Designed from scratch, FZero promises hybrid powertrain that consists of a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-10 and an electric motor. It’s interesting to see how this project turns out, as the company makes a lot of promises, including how bespoke setup would be able to pump out a total of 1,160 horses and 757 ft lbs of twist. Looking like a Batmobile, FZero features black and gold color scheme, giant fenders, big rear wing, and a bubble cockpit. Every detail is carefully designed to be as aerodynamic as possible.

Rodin Cars Fzero Hypercar

Boasting a top speed of 360 kph, Rodin Cars FZero comes with turbocharger intake and exhaust system which are designed and developed in house from 3D printed Titanium and carbo fiber composites. Stretches over 18 feet and 7.2feet wide, FZero can be said a large vehicle, yet it has a very low profile at just 3.7 feet above the ground. It is light yet powerful and produces more downforce. FZero promises intense driving experience to tracks around the world.

Rodin Cars Fzero Hypercar

Rodin Cars Fzero Hypercar

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