Rocker Peg Measure for Bartenders

The unique bar measure looks like a unique semi-circular pipe which is makes the job of measuring the shots pretty simple. The tinted green glass is used to manufacture this unique bar measure so that it looks aseptically pleasing to eyes. The tool is designed by Chetan Sorab and his innovation is surely praiseworthy. You can measure the 60 ml as well as 30 ml shots with it. In fact the both ends of the measuring tool are open so that you can pour the drink and then transfer it to the glass. This is going to be a bartender’s choice for all measurement requirements.

rocker peg measure

rocker peg measure

Designer : Chetan Sorab

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3 thoughts on “Rocker Peg Measure for Bartenders

  1. Hi!

    I'm Fernanda. Work in a magazine of architecture and decoration, the Kazaa, and I know how to acquire high-resolution photo of Peg Rocker to disclose in the next edition. I await your return as quickly as possible.


    Fernanda D'Angelo

  2. Dear Fernanda,

    Greetings. I saw your message recently. I would like to know if you are still interested in publishing Rocker in your magazine.I can send you the images if you can share your email id.

    warm regards,

    Chetan Sorab

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