Roca Zero Gravity by Oliver Pecharroman

Roca Zero Gravity is a futuristic and innovative way of experiencing the space traveling that are intended to be available for all in near future. This completely new experiences will raise the attraction of reliving these moments by making a desirable relaxing atmosphere. The main goal of this concept is to transmit the feelings of the space and instantly make you overlook about the outside chaos by putting you in a pure serenity condition into the ambience of your own bathroom. The unique and main feature of this room is the space like floating experience, but what makes the capsule exceptional is that you can get the chance to feel the space before leaving the earth.

roca zero gravity

roca zero gravity

The non-gravitational environment offers the liberation of forces which is a great way to relax your body to the full. This concept has been designed to create a room with perfect conditions to achieve dynamic balance between psychological and physical aspects of an organism. Various features like color and light, adjustable temperature and pressure, and lack or gravity of course have helped to attain the most possible perfect relaxing condition. Other important feature of this concept is flexibility that has made it easily movable and reusable.

roca zero gravity

roca zero gravity

Designer : Oliver Pecharromán

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2 thoughts on “Roca Zero Gravity by Oliver Pecharroman

  1. Id love to experience this, need a lot of heavy lift copters for Experience alome.

    Be very Radical.

    Make a Great Franchise Adventure experience.

    Id love to Rent them, Sell, Lease.

    Ideal for Theme parks IF a fixed crane can do job?

    Still it doesnt explain Nil G.


    Now build one for 100 passengers with parachute for Escape issues???

    Test with ex NASA & EU astronauts alone.

    PR on Sci Fic Channel, Travel Channel, TLC,

    Science Channel, Discovery Channel, Wealth TV.

    Great for birthdays, annivs, girl getaways,

    parties, date nights, Pre Space ride,


    Copters as carriers:

    Huey, Super Huey, S67, S74, Bell 222,

    Blackhawk, Russian made copters, S54 Skycrane, etc EU copters or VSTOL winged with cargo winch midships in fueslage.

    Pod should be watertight for water landings alone & have Emergency supplies IF lost in wilderness?

    & GPS tracking beacon, radio set.

  2. Good evening sir,
    I’m from the state of Malacca, West Malaysia.
    I’m creating an extreme theme park nearby the river side of Malacca and intent to have an item of Zero Gravity Chamber/Hall as one of the activity.
    Please advise for further action.

    Thank you

    BP Lim
    West Malaysia

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