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2 thoughts on “Ring Stash – Slim Engagement Ring Box to Better Hide the Surprise

  1. Ordered a Ring Stash that never arrived. I contacted Marvin who wasn’t in the slightest bit interested in helping me. The product never arrived and Marvin refused a refund. Then he threatened legal action if i complained on Social Media. Very dishonourable guy.

  2. This is not the whole story. Gary is located in South Africa and he purchased a Ring Stash unit. We shipped out the unit and after it left the United States Postal Service and started traveling internationally, we can no longer track the unit. He emailed us stating he wanted a refund because his unit was lost or delayed in the international mail. We explained that he needs to contact the postal service in South Africa about the unit (which he agreed to in the terms and conditions when he purchased the unit) since we obviously cannot be held responsible for international mail. To which he replied he will take out $1,000 USD in Facebook ads to slander our name if we do not refund him. Please see his email below:

    Evening Marvin,

    Ok… So in South Africa i am Marketing Director for a large group consisting of 5 companies. My main responsibility and "claim to fame" (as it were ) is social media. I handle all compaigns for the 5 companies.

    Why am i telling you this? Well im pretty good at my job.

    So what I'm going to do is put up US$ 1000.00 of paid advertsing on Facebook and further US $ 1000.00 on Twitter to boost a post into the USA. Im really good at targetting the right audiences.

    The boost will be something along these lines: "Do not buy from Ring Stash. They do not deliver and refuse a refund!"

    Maybe i'll do more than one, we'll see. And if you dont belive me, ask BA:

    All i am asking you to do is have some integrity and deliver on what you promised. I paid for a product to be delivered to me, not lost in transit.

    Gary Burchell

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