Retrofit Folding Handlebars

Two of the major problems with urban cycling are storage and security. The new retrofit folding handlebar design claims to solve both the issues. The folded handlebars thus form a steering lock, which when the bike is lent against a wall or post it eliminates the infuriating turning of the front wheel and provides security when parked outside. Thus one can make the cycles to be slimmer by replacing the handlebars of the existing full size bike that too at a fraction of the cost and also keep the efficiency of large wheels.

This reduced width and increased stability makes hallway storage hassle free and the advantage of being both increased security and convenience. Thus it allows speedy departure, thereby significantly increasing the frequency of bike usage. This slimmer version allows more bike storage in a given space.

retrofit folding handlebars

retrofit folding handlebars

retrofit folding handlebars

retrofit folding handlebars

Designer : Joe Wentworth

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19 thoughts on “Retrofit Folding Handlebars

  1. would be nice to design bars like this to add to existing handlebar set. So you could have an auxillary handle bar set for electric bicycles.

  2. hey how does the locking mechanism for the folding of the handlebars work?

    i notice the blue lever thing at the center of the bar, how that work?

  3. summer 2011 and still wondering if these are on the market ….Seriously, please get these to market. Very nice….I live in a small apartment and these handlebars would transform my life…. seriously!

  4. I don't understand why these Wentworth handlebars wouldn't see the light of day. What's the downside? There's something similar on the market, but priced a bit dearly at $152 ( One thing those lack, however, is the neat locking system that makes the bike unrideable when they're locked in the folded position. This system would seem to be a real godsend in New York City.

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