Relax with I-Sopod from Floatworks

I-Sopod is the purest manner of sensory relaxation with the whole new aspect of floating experience. This is a wonderful floating tank that was designed and built by highly professional designers and engineers of Floatworks with their collective resources of experience and knowledge. The aesthetical design provides best harmony, balance and comfort with revolutionary filtration system operates at 1 micron. All pipe works has been done with marine grade stainless steel and the fiber construction is reinforced by double skinned glass. A flotation session is fully automatic that can be programmed by a remote control with digital LCD screen. The manufacturer has used the best technology and components currently available.

i-sopod bath tub

i-sopod bath tub

i-sopod bath tub

i-sopod bath tub

From : Floatworks

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4 thoughts on “Relax with I-Sopod from Floatworks

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  2. hello i'm interesting by your product i-sopod

    i would know where to buy it and the price and everything about

    thanks for giving me informations

    have a good day

    bye bye

  3. hi im luigi from turin, italy

    im very interested by the i-sopod product, in general about floating..

    how can i have more info?

    p.e price

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