Relax Seat : A Modern Stool with Compartment to Keep Your Mobile Devices

Relax Seat is a concept to store and forget your mobile phone while you have unhindered chats and family time. In a world where we are constantly connected with the world our mobiles have become a source of isolation. It has become really difficult to have a fully attentive audience or a peer where one eye is at you and the other is at the notifications of the mobile phone. We have increasingly reduced family time where everyone would have a decent conversation as we are subconsciously and actively reminded of our Facebook and Whatsapp messages by a beep or a vibration.

Relax Seat offers a simple design that allows you to place your phone under your seat in a sound and vibration proof chamber inside the seat. It also provides added security as we tend to forget our mobile devices unattended in an indulging discussion.

Designer : Bilal Khan

Relax Chair by Bilal Khan

Relax Chair by Bilal Khan

Relax Chair by Bilal Khan

Relax Chair by Bilal Khan

Tuvie has received “Relax Chair” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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