Red Dot Award Design Concept 2012

Do you have amazing idea this year? Why don’t you try to submit your innovative idea to Red Dot Award Design Concept 2012. Over the years, the best concept can range from the most aesthetic to the most comprehensive and complete. Anyone or any team can win the red dot: luminary, the most recent, over the years have been Philips Design’s Microbial home, Saab Automobile and GM Europe’s Aero X concept car, DesignExchange’s SIRIUS Breast Cancer Scanner to Francesco Sommacal’s 360 or Lim Sun Liang’s Ring Faucet.

To be even more inclusive, the red dot award: design concept has been accepting entries in English, German, Chinese and Korean since 2011. Jury members who are native speakers of the above languages make up a part of the full panel of over 20 design experts.

Red Dot Award Design Concept 2012

If you believe that your product design idea will be the next big thing, now is the time to tell the rest of the world. The red dot award: design concept is the platform you need.

From now till 29 February 2012, submit your entry for early submission discounts. The award closes on 27 June 2012. Find more details of the red dot award: design concept 2012 here.

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