RealEase Mobile Elevator by Christian Förg

Anyone with claustrophobia would choose RealEase over conventional elevator. RealEase is designed with aim to complement the existing stationary elevator system. We can use this mobile elevator in the park, hotels, or snow areas. A high degree of mobility is not an issue as a result of its own propulsion system. RealEase as a mobile lift is very easy to setup, drive it to wherever you need it, particularly in snow areas. The anchor height is adjustable and very flexible for skiers and snowboarders. While in waiting position, the anchors will wait in a row until you grab one of them, plus, you can adjust your own speed. If you are one of the folks who likes to work on your jumps in the funpark but you hate to use the elevator with the ordinary folks, then you should gather some friends and rent the RealEase for a great climbing-free day

Designer : Christian Förg

Release Mobile Elevator

Release Mobile Elevator

Release Mobile Elevator

Release Mobile Elevator

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One thought on “RealEase Mobile Elevator by Christian Förg

  1. Must for Mtn areas, beaches & need more handholds etc for more passengers.
    Must for ski resorts alone to augment lifts.
    Produce this BIG Time.
    Other apps:
    Search Rescue
    Temp supplies
    Acess to Zipline area?
    To hiking areas.

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