Re-Cover: Sustainable Skyscraper Enclosure to Produce Eco-Friendly Energy in Sustainable Cycle

Due to Industrial Revolution, modern cities have suffered from extreme changes. There are many artificial environment and cities that humans are comforted with, but it’s not natural, it can jeopardize the balance and harmony of the environment. Re-Cover project is a futuristic sustainable skyscraper enclosure that can produce eco-friendly energy in sustainable cycle.

Nowadays, more than 55% of world population live in megacities, there are more than 10 million population and it keeps increasing. Modern skyscrapers are born almost every year from that necessity to disperse dense complexity of horizontal cities, so we need to expand vertically, making more effective use of scarce land. Unfortunately, that demand is also followed by social and environmental problems where megacities continue to spend energy and resources at high rate. We need a new sustainable model for a skyscraper.

Designers : Soomin Kim and Seo-Hyun Oh

Re-Cover Sustainable Skyscraper Enclosure by Soomin Kim and Seo-Hyun Oh

Re-Cover Sustainable Skyscraper Enclosure by Soomin Kim and Seo-Hyun Oh

The idea here to follow the law of recovery and coexistence, unfortunately, that can only be applied to the new skyscrapers. It would take a great deal of energy and resources to start over entirely. Re-Cover has been designed for conventional buildings, to find a new usage for them and give them new purposes for the future. We believe there are many people have already aware of environmental problems, new born buildings are designed to use and produce sustainable energy.

Re-Cover has 3 main modules: skin, structure, and platform. The skin becomes the interface between nature and energy purifying system, it captures solar energy and harvests rainwater. The structure features energy purifying system, it controls the skin to produce as well as store nature energy. The main platform offers climate adjusted zone to keep all the residents in great comfort, it also includes botanic life grown using eco-energy

Re-Cover Sustainable Skyscraper Enclosure by Soomin Kim and Seo-Hyun Oh

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