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4 thoughts on “RB-1200 S Performance Sports Bike Was Inspired By Audi

  1. Hi Gavin,

    Check the clearances of moving parts like handle bars, front wheel fender,… (even if it is only a 2D sketch). What about the rear swing arm length? It would be useful to use existing sports bikes as bench mark (underlay). The fuel tank cap position would reduce the fuel In general; avoid designing in side view only to gain a better understanding for the geometry and three-dimensional form of the body work and how they interact with the technical components.

    Also analyse the brands current formal-aesthetic language and how it might translate into the complex geometry of a motorbike.


  2. Am a big sport-motor bike fan,got 2 in my garage and i(and lots of my friend) say : NO! please,stop sketching,do anything else in your life except this.
    And as an AUDI-worker i say again: NO please.

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