Rain Drum Makes Walking In The Rain An Enjoyable Event With Entertaining Music

Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features drums with various kinds of sound outputs, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. When playing a drum, the hi-hat, crash and tom-tom needs a high frequency of drumstick play to make the range bigger, whereas, the bass and snare requires a lower frequency for a smaller range of sound. To meet these requirements, the shade of the umbrella contains five wax cloth made shades with different elasticity that makes different sounds with the fall of every raindrop.

Designer : Dong Min Park

rain drum

rain drum

rain drum

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14 thoughts on “Rain Drum Makes Walking In The Rain An Enjoyable Event With Entertaining Music

  1. thats pure genius! the simplest ideas are often the best! because they are the ones we dont come up with often. your idea is terrific you should deffinatly put it up on the market, it's possible to make it with this kind of technology. but the only catch i see is how do you fold it and how heavy is it?

  2. I am very interested in the rain drum brella living in California i would like to know how to purchase one or two seems my daughter would like to beat the rain also thanks for the info

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