Q.bo One : An Open Source Robot for Wide Variety of Applications

Q.bo One is a cute, interactive robot built with open hardware and software platforms. Yes, it’s an open source robot, it means that everyone can program the robot to function the way they want it to be. The main board of this robot is powered by Raspberry Pi 3, working with an Arduino Board as the controlling board for sensors such as Ear (microphones), Eyes (cameras), Mouth (LEDs), and Feel (touch sensors). This robot comes with its own operating system that runs on Raspbian, but it also works with AI systems. Applications for this robot can be built with C++, Java, Phthon, PHP, or some simpler interfaces. You can choose easy programming language so that even children can learn to program this robot.

Designer : Thecorpora

Q.bo One : An Open Source Robot by Thecorpora

Q.bo One : An Open Source Robot by Thecorpora

The company has manufactured this robot aiming to create an ideal platform for children to learn about robotics. Each component has been carefully designed to make sure that Q.bo One is easy to assemble, the team also makes sure that Scratch can be implemented as a tool to program this robot, well Scratch is one of easiest platforms to learn actual programming today. This project is the start to prepare children to develop their tangible skills in robotics that can serve them well into the future.

If we could integrate Q.bo One Robots with AI systems, it can work as cognitive platforms, giving them a physical persona. For example if you integrate Chatbots with Q.bo One, you might be able to use this robot in applications such as customer service or medical applications.

Q.bo One : An Open Source Robot by Thecorpora

More images of Q.bo One Robot:
Q.bo One : An Open Source Robot by ThecorporaQ.bo One : An Open Source Robot by ThecorporaQ.bo One : An Open Source Robot by Thecorpora

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