Pushchair Design for 3 Children

Nick Colvin redesigned a child’s pushchair to meet the rugged demands of everyday life. He wanted the pushchair had to be able to accommodate 3 children of varying ages with enough storage space to carry any accessories & toys etc. One of the stipulations the group included was to ensure that the pushchair would last as the children grew up, as the cost of pushchairs has vastly increased in recent years. The pushchair had to be of solid build quality to ensure it passed any health and safety standards, all of which had to be achieved whilst retaining a contemporary aesthetic. As with all pushchairs size is a major issue especially when dealing with a 3 seater pushchair. Which is why his design features a unique folding design to minimize space when folded but retain maximum seating and room capacity.

pushchair design for 3 children

pushchair design for 3 children

future pushchair for 3 children

pushchair design for 3 children

Designer : Nick Colvin

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10 thoughts on “Pushchair Design for 3 Children

  1. Hello There,

    I am very interested in your 3 seater pushchair. From the photos it does not show how say a 4 month old baby and two 18 month babies would be accomodated and where the smallest child would sit as it got older. Also i would like to know if it is available on the market, approx how much it would cost etc.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    • I could do with one too – have 13 month old twins and am expecting another baby summer 2010

      Looks like a few mums would like one !

  2. Hi,

    Very interested in 3 seater buggy.I will have a 1 year old and newborn twins so really need this pram! only place i have actually seen one. Not sure where third child sits? is it suitable from birth? is it available to buy now if so where from? How much is it?

    Please get back to me



  3. Hi,

    Have you looked at the ABC adventure buggy company? they do twin, triple and quad models. I had their quad model to use when I was a nanny for some quads and it was invaluable. They have swivel wheels and of course it is heavy to push four kids but they move well. Hope this helps.


  4. Hi i have 2 children under 3yrs and expecting another 2nd of November. I want to purchase one of your 3 seater pushchair. I would like to see a photo of the 3 seater with all the seats on. Thankyou

  5. This does not look very comfy or strong, how much weight does it hold?. Where does the 3rd baby sit? Is it suitible for newborns? What is the cost? and is this available in the UK? If so what is the waiting time?

  6. Hi there I'm very interested in your pram & have a few questions to ask… Could you send me some info about your pram or a number that I could call…
    Thank you…

  7. I have a 3 year old, 1 year old and expecting in 5 months. Could you please show me photos as how they would seat. Is it available on the market?

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