Prosthetic Leg Design by Joanna Hawley

When you think of prosthetics, our mind most likely will gave us the impression of lack in humanity, grace, and style. This product has an image of an uncomfortable landing gear which might gives the wearer an unpleasant feeling of comfort. This Eames-inspired prosthetic leg by Joanna Hawley is surprisingly made of high quality materials which offers a stylish, and iconic balanced prosthetics both positively and negatively. Based on years of survey on the disabled community and supported by the research and design from several different color specialists and 3D laser professionals, this product has been invented. A product with a focus on the human body adaptability indeed.

eames inspired prosthetic leg

eames inspired prosthetic leg

Designer : Joanna Hawley

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One thought on “Prosthetic Leg Design by Joanna Hawley

  1. If I am not mistaken, the fine work done on this artificial limb looks like the GW Bush Model C, the A and B models not having certain features that were added later after he provided enough footless/legless military personnel to the VA and commercial industry (which is a rare segment not suffering during Bush's bad economy) as test subjects. Good work.

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