Project Neptune: Futuristic Concept Submersible from Aston Martin and Triton Submarines LLC.

Project Neptune is concept submersible that bring the best of Aston Martin and Triton Submarines LLC. This collaboration allows Aston Martin to further grow the brand into new category of luxury world without sacrificing its design DNA. This venture brings Aston Martin to enhance its brand into the beauty and elegance of submarine industry. Aston Martin chose to team up with Triton because this company has unparalleled expertise in the design, manufacture, and operation of submersibles for various applications, researchers, explorers, or superyachts. It’s a company that has dedicated itself to produce safest and best performing submersibles in the world.

Aston Martin and Triton Project Neptune Submersible

Project Neptune combines Triton’s diving and operational expertise with Aston Martin’s design, materials, and craftsmanship. This partnership has resulted in unique concept that could lead to exclusive, limited edition submersible. Project Neptune uses Triton’s Low Profile (LP) three-person platform to explore new possibility to apply Aston Martin’s progressive design language.

Project Neptune Submarine by Aston Martin and Triton

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