Private Jet Might Be Common Transportations in The Future

Are you tired of the same mode of transportation and want something exciting, then look out for The- Jet by Cirrus. This jet is unique and cannot be compared with other light weight jets like Cessna and eclipse 500. The jet has created its own category in terms of style and comfort. The best thing about this futuristic innovative jet is that this jet sets its own standards, this jet is powered by one engine only.

This jet, crafted out of alloys and composite materials can accommodate seven people and can provide an additional seat in case the limit is exceeded. The eighth seat can be opted between the second and the third row. The special features of the jet include 2 door facility along with a parachute located in what you call the nose of the plane, in case if there is an emergency situation. The cockpit is made of glass and is ahead of all other cockpits in terms of technology.

the jet by cirrus

the jet by cirrus

This plane doesn’t require a long runway to take off. A runway of about 800-850 meters can satisfy the jet. In order to make the jet give you a pleasant ride, you should make sure that the maximum weight on the plane is not more than 5000lbs. Not to forget, it can move swiftly at a speed of 300 knots.

the jet by cirrus

the jet by cirrus

the jet by cirrus

the jet by cirrus

Designer : Cirrus

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One thought on “Private Jet Might Be Common Transportations in The Future

  1. Nice ,way cool for local use

    Id fly this or learn to fly this.

    Be unique

    Now lets Mass produce this & add VSTOL capability?

    (darn that 1 engine).

    Markets for:


    Exec Use

    VIP Use

    Search Rescue


    IE Las Vegas to Sedona AZ, LA to Reno, etc.

    Maui to Kauai or Big Island to Oahu.

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