Practical Infographic Coins Feature Pie Chart for The Inner Part

Do you still remember infographic coins that we featured it here? Well, Mac Funamizu has announced that the concept won red dot award: design concept 2013. These concept coins have been revised based on some great feedbacks for more practical use. This project is about creating a set of coins which their values are easily recognized by anyone, yes they do still utilize round shaped figure, but some of them utilize pie chart for the inner part of the coins. All travelers would easily remember the value of each coin as long as they know how to read pie charts, in this way, when travelers enter a new country, they won’t have difficulty in differentiate a new set of coins, so practical isn’t it? One more thing about great aspect of this concept is that the empty space means reducing the use of materials in the process.

Designer : Mac Funamizu

Infographic Coins by Mac Funamizu

Infographic Coins by Mac Funamizu

Infographic Coins by Mac Funamizu

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