Powered by The Sun, Gemstone Solar Lantern Emits Subtle Glow for Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere

This gemstone solar lantern captures sunlight to light your night with a nice vintage-look light pendant. It features elegant jewel-hued shape, capturing the sun in a jewel to provide you with a soft, gemlike glow for a romantic evening. The solar panel is located at the cap, it soaks up the sun during the day and automatically turns the light on at dusk. Setup these hand-blown glass lanterns arrayed on your patio table or hanging from a steel hook, the Edison-bulb-style LED filament inside would emit subtle light for cozy atmosphere.

This Gemstone Solar Lantern might have different brightness and duration as it depends on the amount of exposure of the sensor received from the sun. It is recommended that you let this lantern stay under the sun for at least six hours. [Buy It Here]

Gemstone Solar Lantern

Gemstone Solar Lantern

Gemstone Solar Lantern

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