Porsche Design Sisha : Puristic and Stylish

The Porsche Design Sisha is a combination of technical perfection and high-end materials. Exclusively available at Porsche Design Shop-in-Shop in Harrods (London), this product reflects everything about the elegance of this luxury brand. This product is constructed from aluminum, stainless steel and glass combined with innovative and impressive design approach. Its height of 55 centimeters comes from a long flexible tube made out of TecFlex material. Porsche Design Sisha displays unobtrusive brand on the aluminum top of this product. The result is a classic and stylish product.

Designer : Porsche Design

Porsche Design Sisha

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3 thoughts on “Porsche Design Sisha : Puristic and Stylish

  1. It looks wonderful….but what is it ?! It's function is never described, explained nor hinted at, and it is not at all obvious from its form or components. Am I too dense perhaps …? If so… my apologies…

  2. @Gabriel : shisha (also called hookah) is an instrument for smoking in which the smoke is cooled by water. It is usually used in Middle East.

  3. It looks marvelous, however I'm a little confused as to where I'm supposed to insert my penis. Could someone please provide me the necessary knowledge, as I wouldn't want to miss out on such pleasure.

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