Pontiac Solstice Coupe for 2009

Pontiac Solstice Coupe is one of the three coming soon cars from Pontiac, a natural development of the Solstice Roadster. If you love open-air experience, you need to know that this coupe features a removable roof panel, fully opening the cockpit to the sky. Available in 2009.

pontiac solstice coupe

Remove the roof for an exhilarating ride turns into one that offers open�air freedom. It strikes the perfect blend of form and function.

concept pontiac solstice coupe car

future pontiac solstice coupe

Sinuous shapes. Distinctive curves. Sexy roofline. The new two�seat Solstice Coupe is performance art. It’s a classic roadster with modern tastes: 260hp and 260lb�ft of torque in its GXP form, rigid architecture, hydro formed body panels and a stance that provides perfect balance. Every fluid line of its seductive body tempts you and draws you to drive it.

coming soon pontiac solstice coupe

Designer : Pontiac

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