Pond Wireless Charging Devices : Valet, Ripple, and Stream

Wireless technology can end cord clutter problems, it’s the new trend for consumers to adopt new technology. Charging your phone doesn’t have to be messy, as Soren Nielsen, CEO of Pond Wireless Charging, explains how Scandinavia is famous for its design ethos, yet he found himself in his career at Nokia had to deal with cluttering up spaces to keep his mobile devices charged.

That’s why Nielsen formed a company to upgrade the way we charge our devices. Pond Wireless Charging offers you a new experience when charging your smartphones, a set of charging device that is effortless, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. Pond offers a line of wireless chargers that offer not only easy charging experience but also enhance the décor of a room.

From : Pond Wireless Charging and Devant, Inc.

Pond Wireless Charging Devices

Pond Wireless Charging Devices

Each unit displays contemporary beauty with hand-finished design, each piece can reside cord-free anywhere you like it. Pond wireless charging products consist of Valet, Ripple, and Stream.

Valet is contemporary designed tray made from selected woods with capacity up to 30,000 mAh, it has enough power to charge two devices each day for up to two weeks. Ripple is a portable power bank, slim and light at only 2.4 ounces and 1.5-inch thick. Since Apple hasn’t offered wireless charging for iPhone yet, Pond offers Stream wireless charging case for a solution. It’s an ultra-thin, lightweight, and sleek case for your iPhone, available in velvety suede or fine leathers.

Pond Wireless Charging Devices

Pond Wireless Charging Devices

Pond Wireless Charging Devices

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