PhoneBox : A Modern Phone Booth by Hakan Gursu

Although we’re not sure if we still need phone booth, but we still admire Hakan Gursu‘s attempt to modernize our old phone booth. It’s called PhoneBox, the new architecture features transparent enclosure, making it stylish and elegant enough to blend with modern city lives. PhoneBox fits urban environment where space and inconvenience are highlighted, that’s why it doesn’t use a solid body and isolate the user from outside world. The illuminated closed roof serves as a canopy or shade to provide safety feeling without isolating you from the crowd.

Designer : Hakan Gürsu

PhoneBox by Hakan Gursu

PhoneBox by Hakan Gursu

PhoneBox by Hakan Gursu

PhoneBox by Hakan Gursu

PhoneBox by Hakan Gursu

Tuvie has received “PhoneBox” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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4 thoughts on “PhoneBox : A Modern Phone Booth by Hakan Gursu

  1. These phone boxes are the same as the ones we have had here in Australia for years now! So dont know what all the hype is over! Total joke!

  2. Yeh, but there's still foreigns or turists that do not have a local mobile for calling home… I think phonebooths are still Worth…

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