Peregrinate Is A Chauffeur Driven Vehicle That Takes The Unique Hotel Experience On The Road

The luxurious hotel experience is for some of us a once in a life time opportunity, but for the one’s who deal with it everyday of their lives, this could become sort of boring at some point. That’s why, Gabriel Tam, designed an incredible alternative to luxurious escapades, The Peregrinate. This amazing chauffeur driven vehicle enhances and extends the unique hotel experience beyond the realm of traditional architectural structure, taking the intimate and personal experience on the road.

Peregrinate has been tailored for the Fontana Park Hotel, a hotel in the city of Lisbon. The vehicle’s main theme is strong black and white. Peregrinate is about creating a classic modernist design that transgress different landscape and city environment. The core focus of the vehicle is to maximize the overall comfort and experience for the passengers.

Peregrinate marks a departure from the traditional monotonous luxury saloon design. Individuality is the most important differentiator for boutique hotel, they usually have a theme or character, which is relevant to the region that the hotel resides. An intimate atmosphere shouldn’t have a sense of familiarity, and this should be no different for the guest transportation. The vehicle designed by Gabriel has some amazing features that cannot be compared to other vehicles of its type. First of all is the superhydrophobicity Lexan polycarbonate body with its gradient transitional tint DLO, is creating a friendly interior ambiance with added privacy. The rear LED brake lamps are integrated within the Polyurethane gel bumper. This provides a clean wrap around look during daytime. The extra long rear cabin created by extended wheelbase, thus retaining a smaller physical footprint on the tarmac than conventional full size luxury vehicles like the Mercedes S-Class.

Designer : Gabriel Tam

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The Peregrinate is actually 16% smaller than the Mercedes. Another unique and interesting feature has been added to the way the doors open, for the car to welcome its passengers. The gliding pantograph door system provides greater ease of entry and creates a theatrical grand entry to the interior cabin. The interior amazes its passengers with the sculptural blade inspired design, that can be found in the exterior also.

The feature side blade creates an artificial shoulder line for the all glass DLO, wrapped around to create a visual “white” bone structure that continues into the cabin from the exterior. Furniture inspired flowing seating system, creates a sense of lightness. The purpose of this system is for the seating to be viewed as an collection of art pieces within the vehicle. The transparent OLED display system provides an understated technological communication solution. This design offers the hotel a wide range of opportunity to immerse their guest into the world they have created. The customizable Technogel elastomer seating system, stands for alternate seating arrangement. The rear “B-shaped” center console provides an added dimension to the personalized travel experience.

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