Peleboard : The World’s First Split Paddleboard

Introducing Peleboard, it’s an evolution stand-up paddleboard that split into 2 halves. It is claimed to be the world’s first split paddleboard where the right and left halves are slightly divided by a sliding rail. Water sport has gained a lot of fans these days, this fitness oriented Peleboard has been promoted as world’s exciting paddleboard, even though at this moment the prototype is being tested, but this startup is hopefully can draw attention for mass production.

It looks just like any other paddleboards but when you take a closer look, you’ll see the split. The rider’s arms can still use a paddle, but the board is propelled by moving your legs in a striding motion. The flaps pivot underneath to grip water while pushing the board forward with every stride.

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Peleboard : The World's First Split Paddleboard

Peleboard : The World's First Split Paddleboard

Just in case you prefer a regular paddleboard, you can. The board can be transformed to function just like a single, solid paddleboard, simply flip a small level to lock those halves together. The co-founder of PeleBoards, Blake Knutson, realizes the fitness potential of this new creation, it provides you with a full workout, you would need a lot of balance and power where all your body has to participate.

Peleboard : The World's First Split Paddleboard

Peleboard : The World's First Split Paddleboard

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2 thoughts on “Peleboard : The World’s First Split Paddleboard

  1. Test in Caribbean, Hawaii,. Med Sea, SE Asia, Australia & Mexico alone
    underside paddles should push board fwd about 2 knots per push alone & should lock up with pop up mast & sail housed in upper section alone, Be super nice to have

  2. Wow that is an awesome looking board. I have never had a paddle on a split board but sure looks like fun and a good workout.

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