OUYA Game Console Offers Gamers and Developers Open Platform Gaming

OUYA game console has been designed with one mission in mind that is to bring gaming back to the TV, nice, open, and accessible. This game console is designed to be simple and bold, affordable and open platform. This means everyone can create the game, it was inspired by indie gaming movement which has gained its momentum for the past few years (thanks to Apple). OUYA company has teamed up with Fuseproject to bring open sourced gaming platform, built for your TV.

The idea is simple, bring gaming back to its core, moving away from big commercial companies which only release predictable and formulaic games, excluding gamers who want to enjoy different experiences. As you can see from the pictures, OUYA boasts clean, minimalist package. A small scale of game console that allows you to place it discretely anywhere, whether in your room, kitchen, or living room, its compact size makes it really flexible. The anodized aluminum material functions as a heat sink and disperses heat produced by the internal components.

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OUYA Game Console by OUYA and FuseProject

OUYA Game Console by OUYA and FuseProject

After extensive researches and dozens of form studies and more than 50 prototypes, finally, the design team has achieved the most optimal shape to deliver the highest level of comfort and ease of use for gamers.

The surface features 3 vertical material areas that organize the buttons and frame the controller’s unique touch pad. Each button was sculpted and tuned to provide highly functional experience, the buttons are positioned to correspond directly with user interface in both order and color. OUYA welcomes all gamers and developers alike to join the team to build smart and adaptive system, it’s an open platform where everyone can join the club, the hardware is available to be hacked, changed and built upon in a real way.

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