Outdoor Edge Chowpal All-in-One Utensil Set with Extra Features

All in one utensil set, Outdoor Edge Chowpal offers several functions that come in handy when you are somewhere, out there. From spoon, fork, and knife, you will also get a can opener, a bottle opener, wrench, and flathead screwdriver. Chowpal offers you a nested form with folding knife/spoon that lock together, but you can easily slide it apart when you are ready to eat.

Outdoor Edge Chowpal All-in-One Utensil Set

Chowpal knife/spoon utensil from Outdoor Edge is a locking single-bevel knife blade, it folds flat against the spoon while the fork features a graduated English/metric wrench. This set comes with its own nylon storage pouch. It’s a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, lightweight and convenient to carry.

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