Orphe LED Performance Shoes Feature 9-Axis Sensors that Detect User Movements

Yes, there’s nothing new here, shoes with LEDs have been around for years, especially in Japan. However, Orphe LED Performance Shoes are more than just fashion gimmick, they are specially designed with sophisticated wearable system that consists of 9-axis sensors. These shoes feature about 100 controllable LEDs and a Bluetooth module where user can connect it to an app for easier control. The sensors are able to detect user movements and respond with sounds and lights either from app or schemes that can be downloaded from the internet. [Buy It Here]

Orphe LED Performance Shoes

The Software development kit of Orphe LED Performance Shoes allows anyone to create custom iOS/Android apps to work with the shoes, expanding its creative possibilities. These shoes are not just footwear, it helps you to create a live, full-blown multimedia performance and unleash your creativity, something you would want to wear the next time you go out clubbing. Made in Japan, these LED shoes would elevate your art performance to a new level. [Buy It Here]

Orphe LED Performance Shoes

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