Ori Ori Mochi Mochi Foldable LCD by Antenna Design

Bored after a hard days work? Stressed that targets are not being met? How about a fast paced game completed with all levels. Or just want to catch up on the latest movie, or speaking to your partner about the future. All this in a single foldable device! Welcome to 2014 device! Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi is a concept device designed by Antenna Design. Just put it out of your pocket and spread it on the table and just let it be what you want it to be!

Now the scenario given above is not from any ‘sci fi’ or James Bond movie, but could be something you and I might be using in the future. This foldable concept gadget might be one to watch for, as it chooses various angles to fold up. With more and more emphasis been given to less is more, it can be said that this is what the doctor ordered for a busy technocrat like you.

This revolutionary foldable design will surely be grabbing eyeballs once it is out on the market, only hitch being, what does Ori Ori Mochi Mochi mean?

foldable phone concept

foldable phone concept

foldable phone concept

Source : AntennaDesign via GizmoWatch

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3 thoughts on “Ori Ori Mochi Mochi Foldable LCD by Antenna Design

  1. Imagine if you have that kind of phone. It’s like people will always look at you and some of them will ask the brand of that phone. Men! It’s good concept, and I think it won’t break easily.

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