Opel GT Concept Car Features Panorama Glass Roof and Electric Doors

General Motors has announced their latest concept Opel GT. This looks like modern version of the iconic sports car built around early 70s. Opel GT concept car boasts avant-garde yet puristic design, reduced to its bare essentials. You’ll find smooth exterior body design, no door handles, no exterior door mirrors, including no windshield wipers. Opel wants to provide you with new expression of pure driving passion.

At a glance, you’ll notice the long bonnet, no tailgate, and dual exhaust pipes remind you of the original Experimental GT, but other than that, this concept bears no sign of retro-design. Featuring a panorama glasses from front to back, passengers are exposed to beautiful view of their surroundings. This sports car is equipped with front mid-engine, turbocharger, and rear-wheel drive, while the low and central center of gravity provides sporty handling and optimum cornering.

From : Opel

Opel GT Concept Car

Opel GT Concept Car

The electric doors open wide simply by pressing the integrated touchpad on the roof. They open into the front wheel arches, providing a large opening especially in tight urban parking spaces. The interior features many surprises, a red seat for the driver, rear view monitors, and many more, which will be revealed soon.

Opel GT Concept Car

Opel GT Concept Car

Opel GT Concept Car

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2 thoughts on “Opel GT Concept Car Features Panorama Glass Roof and Electric Doors

  1. Finally an Opel I can drive, Id drive ( ala Rental) vs own.
    Nice lines, now need hefty V4, V6 engine to race around EU with Ferraris & Aston Martins alone

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