Omni-Guard Airbag Suit : A Protection Suit for High-Altitude Workers

High-altitude workers risk their lives during work. Omni-Guard, an airbag suit will raise their odds of surviving a fall because this suit inflates rapidly if the wearer falls, cushioning their landing.

All over the world, high-altitude workers are prone to falling accidents. Omni-Guard concept has been designed to raise their odds of survival. Should a worker slip from the edge of some scaffolding (for example) and fall, the Omni-Guard suit will detect that the falling acceleration rate is equal to gravitational acceleration. Then it will release compressed carbon dioxide from internal canisters.

Designers : Seah Tat Leong, Wang Qi, Wang Yanan, Guo Xiaolin, Huang Yang and Huang Jianbo

Omni-Guard Airbag Suit

Omni-Guard Airbag Suit

The CO2 gas will flow through four channels that spread to the back, arms, and thighs, inflating all of the suit’s airbags simultaneously (with one second). These airbags will be fully inflated before the worker lands on the ground. They are made of polyurethane coated nylon fabric, making them tear-resistant, light, and durable.

The strategic positioning of the airbags provides protection for the wearer’s neck, torso, pelvis, and limbs. Coupled with the wearer’s helmet, the Omni-Guard suit minimizes the chances of severe fractures, paralysis, or death.

Thanks to its maximized ventilation, the use of lightweight materials, and minimal obstruction of joints, Omni-Guard airbag suit does not affect the work performance of the wearer.

Omni-Guard Airbag Suit

Omni-Guard Airbag Suit

Omni-Guard Airbag Suit

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  1. Must for work on masts of ships at sea, fixing Ferris wheels, Hi rise towers esp,
    other comm array towers, celphone arrays, wind farms, hangers, inside blimps?
    over rivers, rocks IE bridge
    Much need for.
    For Construction Co worldwideel.

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