OfficePOD : A Next Generation Workplace

Office Pod is an innovative design of a next generation workplace where people will be able to work in a different manner. This complete and organized service will improve the workplace and can be remarkably cost effective and beneficial for environmental and productivity issues. Office Pod is a garden based pod which is a dedicated place for working with its highest quality design as well as provides a superb work environment that is apart from the disturbance of home life. In this way, being an Office Pod user, you will surely bring noteworthy positive change to your life by increasing the productivity and cutting down on commuting.

office pod

office pod

office pod

office pod

office pod

Designer : OfficePOD

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3 thoughts on “OfficePOD : A Next Generation Workplace

  1. Ideal for:



    Temporary events IE Carnival.


    Rescue work


    Private secure site.

    Airport hangers (idle, underused).


    Schools- use idle acerage spaces.

    Playgrounds, parks, retreats

    RV parks alone

  2. Judge said it right, but you can use bullet prove glass, stainless steel for the wall and bunch of security to it. Yes it will be expensive, but I think onlu rich people can get one of those.

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