Obsideon Offers Airplane Passengers A More Pleasant Waiting Experience In Airports

The worst part you can experience in an airport is when you travel on the economy class and you have to switch planes. Sometimes the planes are hours apart and you have to wait in the never-ending noise, the every 5 minutes announcements and the ongoing hustle, this is why Roger Kellenberger designed this refuge, for the everyday passenger. A refuge that will not only house the user for as long as he has to wait in the airport but also to make the waiting more comfortable. The Obsideon offers a guaranteed personal relaxation room, where the user decides the level of his isolation to the other travelers by dimming or closing the object.

Designer :  Roger Kellenberger

obsideon airport sleeping concept6

obsideon airport sleeping concept5

Using the boarding pass to log in to employ the reserved object provides the personal up to date flight information if there will be a delay or any changes concerning the flight. Inside the Obsideon, there is an OLED display that operates as light source and information advice. The user is gently reminded to prepare himself if it’s time for boarding, in case he/she falls asleep due to travel stress or jetlag. The cocoon like shape, offers more space than it actually shows, it even has a personal locker for the user to store his/her personal belongings. Obsideon helps the airline to differentiate themselves, builds brand loyalty while improving the whole travel experience for the customer. The unique design makes waiting for connections flight a more relaxed experience, giving the passenger a shell to hide from non-stop verve.

obsideon airport sleeping concept4

obsideon airport sleeping concept3

obsideon airport sleeping concept2

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2 thoughts on “Obsideon Offers Airplane Passengers A More Pleasant Waiting Experience In Airports

  1. A brilliant idea. Now if only it will become more than it.

    I coud definitely use one of those. I like to travel alone and that mini "Stargate Iris" is a must.

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