O-Distanced Cooker Hood Provides Healthier and Safer Kitchen Environment

When you cook, you produce airborne grease, smokes, odors and heat in the kitchen, that’s why a range hood is an important device to keep your kitchen clean and smoke-free. O-distanced cooker hood is an arc-shaped range hood that surrounds your cooking pan instead of hanging above the stove. The idea of this design is to prevent any smoke being inhaled by the cooker before it reaches our conventional range hood, it creates healthier and safer kitchen environment.

Any odor or smoke produced during cooking can be instantly absorbed by O-distanced Cooker Hood, quick and efficient. User can easily control the strength and pattern of air suction through touch screen control panel.

Designers : Bao Haimo, Liu Zhengmao, Qiu Qi, Zhang Xinran and Hao Sihan

O-Distanced Cooker Hood Appliance

O-Distanced Cooker Hood Appliance

User can easily shift and clean this range hood, removing those internal grease and dirt is now easier. The installation of O-distanced Cooker Hood also means no more accidental bump on the head.

O-Distanced Cooker Hood Appliance

O-Distanced Cooker Hood Appliance

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5 thoughts on “O-Distanced Cooker Hood Provides Healthier and Safer Kitchen Environment

  1. So I was looking into this and learned that most airborne greases and hazardous cooking exhaust is more of an issue in commercialized kitchen environments because of the abundance of cooking going on and the lack of room ventilation. In most domestic environment, this is not a huge priority due to fans in bathrooms or other rooms, windows, open space, and the rudimentary levels and quantities of cooking going on. As beautiful and unique this design is, I question its relevance and potential impact in a standard house hold kitchen..

  2. This seems like a great idea! So many people now live in small apartments without range hoods and often without ranges, and they cook using small appliances like toaster ovens and air fryers. They have a BIG problem with kitchen smells and fumes and setting off smoke alarms. An appliance like this would be massively helpful! But I don't really think the shape of this is ideal …

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