Nutrismart Project Could Be Your Invisible Diet Management System

What if there was a way to embed data directly in our food? Edible RFID tag technology is evolving and already in use for medical purposes. We believe that our future technology will enable us to read food information in more visual way. “Nutrismart” is a German industrial designer project in order to trace each product with RFID. This way, shopping at a supermarket will be automated; our home refrigerator will be able to warn us as soon as certain product goes bad.

Designer : Hannes Harms

Nutrismart Student Project

Nutrismart Student Project

Another part of the system would be a smart plate where it can read out our food and work as an invisible diet management system. When user place a cupcake on this plate, the system will scan the RFID to get the food information and display it to the user. This RFID reader is invisible to the user, integrated into the body of the plate. This RFID reader is programmed to monitor every product that’s eaten from the plate.

A LED light hidden under the surface provides the information via Bluetooth connection to mobile devices. Besides nutrition information like calories or fat, the user can also learn more about his food, about its food miles or its trading history. A sushi roll could tell us about its heritage and its ingredients.

Nutrismart Student Project

Nutrismart Student Project

For food allergic patients, the smart plate can send alerts about certain ingredients and stop us from eating things that might harm us. The designer doesn’t want to change our eating habits and we want to avoid media from invading our eating table. This is why the smart plate hides its technology and only appears when relevant to the user.

Nutrismart Student Project

Nutrismart Student Project

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2 thoughts on “Nutrismart Project Could Be Your Invisible Diet Management System

  1. Great idea except for the "embed data directly in our food" part. We eat enough rubbish as it is, perhaps finding a way to read the ingredients instead would be better.

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