Nomic Autonomous Vehicle: Check in And Enjoy The Ride!

Nomic is a concept of a self-driving car. It questions the way how those vehicles can be designed. Of course, it’s electric. The concepts stand for an easy to use self-explaining traveling. Just hold your phone to the car door, get in and after you say your destination you’re on your way.

In contrast to a normal car its roof is much higher. The height improves the passengers comfort regarding the boarding and de-boarding. All the sensors that are essential for autonomous driving are hidden behind the front and rear windshield. It’s a 2-passenger vehicle and it has the advantage of big mirrored windows for good viewing. For better visibility in road traffic the rims are equipped with LEDs. As the vehicle is standing the LEDs indicate the status of it, like charging (red blinking), waiting (orange blinking) or if it’s free (green) or occupied (red). While in movement, the LEDs act as a turn signal and a side marker light.

Designer : Andreas Grasmück

Nomic Autonomous Vehicle by Andreas Grasmück

Nomic Autonomous Vehicle by Andreas Grasmück

The shape and functions should build a bridge between a standard car and public transport. And the “product-like” and “boxy” design gives a better understanding for what this car is standing for: a very new way of moving.

Nomic Autonomous Vehicle by Andreas Grasmück

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