Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck Can Operate on Both FCEV or BEV Mode

Nikola Badger is a hybrid pickup truck from Nikola Corporation, it promises to deliver an estimated range of 600miles. It’s an advanced electric pickup truck designed to target and exceed every electric or even petrol pickup in its class. Badger can operate on FCEV / battery-blend or BEV mode at any given time. It’s nothing like common electric pickup truck you would find on the market. Badger truck is engineered to deliver 980 ft. lbs. of torque, 906 peak HP, and 455 continuous HP. This truck will be manufactured in conjunction with another OEM, utilizing their certified parts and manufacturing facilities.

As an electric pickup, Nikola Badger is designed to handle just about any construction company would throw at it. It is engineered specifically to handle heavy tasks that will outperform all electric pickup trucks on the market. It will be outfitted with a 150kilowatt power outlet for tools, lights, and compressors, that is enough power to assist a construction site for about 12 hours with the need of a generator.

Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck

Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck

Nikola Badger Electric Pickup Truck has been designed to handle 0 to 100mph with minimal loss of performance, it can also operate on grades up to 40% through advanced software blending of batteries and fuel-cell. Even with a fully loaded trailer, then combined with the vehicle weight of 18,000lbs., Badger would be able to launch from a standstill on a 30% garde without motor stall.

Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Corporation, explains that they have been working on this pickup for years and believe that market is now ready for something that can handle a full day’s worth of work without running out of energy. It’s an electric pickup truck for just about anything, work, off-roading, hit the ski slopes, or just weekend getaways. Trevor says no other electric pickup can operate in these temperatures and conditions.

Hopefully Nikola Badger Pickup Truck could become a game changer in truck industry, it’ll help drive down the cost of fuel-cell components while accelerating the hydrogen station rollout.

Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck

Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck

More images of Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck:
Nikola Badger Hybrid Pickup TruckNikola Badger Hybrid Pickup TruckNikola Badger Hybrid Pickup TruckNikola Badger Hybrid Pickup Truck

Nikola Badger Estimated Specifications:

  • 600 miles on blended FCEV / BEV
  • 300 miles on BEV alone
  • Operates on blended FCEV / BEV or BEV only by touch of a button
  • 906 HP peak
  • 455 HP continuous
  • 980 ft. lbs. of torque
  • 160 kWh, flooded module – lithium-ion battery
  • 120 kW fuel cell
  • Advanced Supercapacitor Launch Assist that blends with lithium ion and fuel-cell
  • -20F operating environments without major performance or SOC losses
  • Towing capacity of over 8,000 pounds
  • Operating targets without motor stalls up to 50% grade
  • 15 kW power export outlet
  • Compatible with industry standard charging for BEV mode
  • Five seats
  • Truck dimensions: 5900 mm long x 1850 mm tall x 2160 mm wide a 1560 mm bed width

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