Night Communication Glove by Wang Lili

Designed for entertainment purposes, Night Communication glove is equipped with solar powered LED trims. Pretty cool actually, you can use this glove for various purposes, especially when you are in low light environment or where energy needs to be conserved. Everyone within a range of 20-meter can see the light, this glove can also be used to make signal gestures, you can entertain and start conversation with people easily. The material used for is silicone, non-slip and breathable due to its texture.

Designer : Wang Lili

Night Communication Glove by Wang Lili

Night Communication Glove by Wang Lili

Night Communication Glove by Wang Lili

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2 thoughts on “Night Communication Glove by Wang Lili

  1. For these apps:
    Parking garages
    Traffic Control
    Search & Rescue
    Nightclub bouncers??

  2. This is a really cool design. Although the main purpose is entertainment, I think there are other simple uses for this gadget. You can use this to spot your things at night if it is dark.

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