Neyk Luxury Submarine : Diesel Electric Luxury Underwater Explorer

Featuring teardrop-shaped design, Neyk Luxury Submarine wants to offer you a luxurious platform for you to explore underwater in ultimate comfort. This is claimed to be most maneuverable submarine in the world, a superstructure that’s been designed to merge fluently into a teardrop shape, it is smooth and slender. This unit is modularly designed to fit 10, 12, 16, or 20 passengers configuration.

This is a diesel electric submarine features high shock resistance and a low noise signature, it has a submerged displacement of between 103 and 108 tonnes. Each owner can make a request to customize his/her submarine to meet their own ideas of luxury, Neyk will come to you exactly as you specify it. In order to bring the best view, the bow of the vessel is designed in a large dome shape while various lateral a forward facing spotlights to ensure a bright and awesome view for everyone.

From : Neyk

Neyk Luxury Submarine

Neyk Luxury Submarine

Neyk Luxury Submarine

Neyk Luxury Submarine

Neyk Luxury Submarine

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One thought on “Neyk Luxury Submarine : Diesel Electric Luxury Underwater Explorer

  1. Limited produce, extend hull for 30 passengers for Tourism model.

    Markets for:
    Yacht Rec Boat
    Harbor Security
    Diver rescue, Evac, EMT
    Marine sciences.
    R&D studies alone

    Need mini thorium reactor for Fuel & aux diesel drive mode
    & to shield glass O Nose when needed.,
    (see TV sub USS Seaview, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea).

    Dive sites for sub:
    Hawaii, Caribbean, Arctic, So Pole, No Pacific, Australia, NZ, PNG, Fiji, Am Samoa, Catalina Island CA

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