Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case for Android and iOS Smartphones

Love modular phone but don’t want to replace your old smartphone? well, here’s the solution: Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case. Instead of throwing away your phone, this case puts you in control by giving you access to add-on memory, an amplified speaker, battery capacity, and even more, right from your phone case. You can easily customize or enhance your smartphone features, think about Lego bricks, you can add and remove physical modules without powering down.

Nexpaq phone case has built-in battery power up to 1000mAh, it’s a nice extra juice for your smartphone to power all modules. The cool thing about this case, you can easily swap those modules between Android and iOS devices, you don’t have to worry with operating system when you share modules with other Nexpaq users. At this moment, this case works with iPhone6, iPhone6+, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you can tell the design team what smartphones you want this case to work with.

From : Nexpaq [Pre-Order]

Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case

Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case

Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case

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