New Telephone from SunCorp Communication by Chauhan Studio

The aim of this new telephone design is to create a timeless and beautiful products. There are four new telephones, they are colombo one, colombo two, big and sandy eco. The designer intention was to create a family products that are visually timeless without blindly following current trends. The challenge from SunCorp Communication is to reestablish a visual relationship between earpiece and mouthpiece, while still at the same time incorporating all of the technology required of today’s modern telephones.

telephone colombo chauhan studio

telephone red colombo chauhan studio

telephone colombo concept chauhan studio

telephone big phone chauhan studio

The sandy eco phone below is a green phone which is made of recycled plastic and which comes in recycled packaging.

big telephone from chauhan studio

colombo two telephone from chauhan studio

Designer : Tej and Sach Chauhan via Dezeen

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2 thoughts on “New Telephone from SunCorp Communication by Chauhan Studio

  1. How can I buy one of your Colombo cordless telephones? It looks super cool, I'm in Italy, would it work here?

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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