NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner Product Review

NeatReceipts is a handy device that works as a mobile scanner and a digital filing system with latest software and proprietary industrial design. This device is able to extract key information automatically from the scanned receipts and can directly export to Excel, TaxCut, Quickbooks and many more. The digital scanner can scan IRS-received digital copies and can make tax preparation on a snap. This device doesn’t require an AC adapter since its USB interface provides the required power to operate it. The extremely portable feature and very much reasonable price, only $192 including free shipping, of this product has made it an unavoidable piece.

NeatReceipts is a mobile scanner with a built-in digital filing system that allows you to scan business cards, receipts and other important documents that can be safely stored and organized as you like. NeatWorks 4.0, the software of this device, can identify and extract the more important information and can automatically organize them for you. The dimensions of this product are 10x14x4 inches with a maximum resolution of 600dpi and weighted 3 pounds only. The approximate speed of this scanner is 3 to 4 receipts per minute and can run in a Microsoft Vista or Windows XP operating system.

neat receipts

neat receipts

neat receipts

Designer : The Neat Company

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