Narke Electrojet – Eco-Friendly Water Recreation Vehicle

Hop off your jet ski and enjoy the ride in quiet, with Narke Electrojet, you don’t have to be loud to get attention. This is world’s first electrojet equipped with electric drive that makes it eco-friendly and better water recreation vehicle for sustainable future. During the development process, it’s been strongly suggested that the design should use environmentally-conscious raw materials, clean design is the purpose of creating this electric drive since the beginning. There’s not much information available for Narke at the moment, currently the company is testing their first prototype, hopefully we can get more good news from them.

Narke Electrojet

Narke Electrojet

Narke Electrojet

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One thought on “Narke Electrojet – Eco-Friendly Water Recreation Vehicle

  1. Mass produce, testin Hawaii, Catalina Island CA, CA, OR, WA, So Alaska, PR, FL, Great Lakes, Med Sea, Australia
    Ideal for Yachts & Sales or rentals.

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